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+7 902 132 5990

+7 991 112 6676  


Skype: annaskurtova 

WatsApp: +7 9965618172

01.08.2020 Petrozavodsk, Karelia, RUSSIA. 2 * NDS, experts: Elena Kuleshova, Flera Chaikovchkaya, Russia.

SKAZKA IMANDRI Knyaz 'Vladimir >>>


- 2*Excellent, 2*CW, 2*CAC,

Champion of RFSS, 

Champion of RFLS,  

2*BOB, R.BIG !!!


SKAZKA IMANDRI  Marfa - Дебют! - 2*Excellent, 2*CW,

2*CAСj, 2*BOBj, 2*BOS,

Young Champion of RFLS, 

Young Champion of RFSS, BIG-3!!!!! 


01.08.2020 Moscow, Russia, NDS "Stars of Summer 2020". Judge Belkina E.V. (Russia)


Debut in the veteran class !!!

Owner Swetlana Zakharova, Moscow

- excellent, CW, vCAC, BOBv, veteran RFLS Champion, BISv-3 !!!

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